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Our beers

Welcome on our brewfirm homepage Merci Robert. Here you will find a list of our craftbeers.


A unique Belgian special beer, thanks to the addition of pollen, this beer has a slightly spicy taste. A little bit of resinousness in the aftertaste will lift you. A golden yellow beer with a saison touch, great for relaxing. Sturdy in character with only 5.6% alcohol, well worth exploring.



Amber coloured beer that will bewilder your senses with its violet aroma and a subtle touch of melon. Balanced yet outside the margins. As floral and fruity the aromas are, so beautifully harmonious is the aftertaste, not sticky or sweet Truly authentic amber beer with guts and therefore great as an accompaniment to savoury starters, exotic dishes or sweet desserts. Easy to drink with 6.5% alcohol.



The beer type stout is a creamy beer with rich flavors of coffee, bitter chocolate and a hint of dark fruit. Workoat is an excellent stout for drinking after a sport or power effort because the oats give this beer extra strength. Thanks to the balance of sweet and bitter, hops and roasted barley, every sip gives a blissful satisfaction. This strikingly dark beer with a powerful body contains 7.1% alcohol.

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